The 2018 Franklin Douglass "Silk" Price Scholarship winner was Bradwell Institutes Damangeliz Martinez-Lugo (Pictured on the right). 

Shre was the President of the National Beta Club at BI, member of the National FFA, student embassador for Bradwell's S2S program and Keep Liberty Beautiful Green Leader. She also received the Georgia State Certificate of Merit and named GHP Semi-Finalist in Agriculture. 

Damangeliz plans to attend college and become a Pediatric Doctor without Boarders with a major in Biology and Chemistry, as well as minoring in different languages such as Portuguese. A direct quote from Damangeliz, "Not only will going to college further my education and help me become a pediatric doctor, but also encourage, empower and inspire not only me, but also those in the community that may hear about my accomplishments. Furthermore, I hope that those who hear my story will be able to realize they can help their community like I have done. My story could also encourage other people to pursue a career that gives to the community even more in the long run."

Congratulations again to Damangeliz Martinez-Lugo! 

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